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Supremely unorganized, but I still have -some- categories. Basically, HERE BE AWESOME.




Aloha folks. Thanksgiving was great, but I think I mentioned that. Or did I? Eric made twice baked loaded potatos, turkey/gravy/stuffing, homemade cranberry jelly(which was as good as the canned stuff, only it was opaque), biscuits, peacan pie and a pumpkin cakeroll. :nod:

I purchased Mass Effect 3 Digital Deluxe edition, a fleece pullover and a sweater during Black Friday. I wanted to go to the chocolate shop in town for small business saturday, but alas that didn't happen. Didn't do anything for cyber monday either. Currently I'm flipflopping over getting some prints from Soceity6 because they're having a usual promo of free shipping. But then there's the annoying issue of getting frames for things and finding a place to hang them and by golly I hate that. :(

Anyway onto the real purpose of this journal, baebae and TheTerrorOfTheDeep both tagged me yesterday for some random fact spouting, so here we go.

BaeBae's queries
1. What is the most ridiculous length you have gone to avoid something?

I honestly can't think of an example, my bad.
2. Show me a cool picture! Or a cool animation! A cool fact! Show me a cool!

Show you a cool huh? < one of my all time favorite images.
3. Go learn a new thing about history or science. Right now. Pause and google around or check in on a didyoukno or random fact site. What did you learn?

Welp yesterday I learned from my brother Eric that pineapples are carnivorous. They have an enzyme in the fruit and leaves that can dissolve fleshystuff, and it eats bugs that way. Tis also why you shouldn't eat a ton of fresh pineapple or your mouth will bloody up.
4. What is the soundtrack to your life right now?

I honestly can't say I don't know man i just love music and I have a bunch this is a hard question why do you do this
5. On the topic of music, what are the top three most played songs in your music library? Why are they there?

I have my winamp library on shuffle like 80% of the time. The top 3 currently are Hans Zimmer - Discombobulate, Jesper Kyd - Earth, and Lauris Reiniks - Es skrienu. I haven't especially sought these songs out and fawned over them lately that's just what mathematics and probability decided for me... :|
6. If your imagination was a landscape, what would it look like?

It would probably just look like all the landscapes I have visited in this reality, in my favorite universes' and my own created universes. Does that work?
7. What is Love?

Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no moree~ :iconhaddawayplz:
Or did you want a serious deep philosophical answer?
8. How do you tell someone who is not necessarily dangerous that you're a little scared and want them to back up a little?

I suppose I would say "Can you back up dog you're in my personal space yo" except I don't really speak like that  in meatspace...uh. But yeah thats the gist of it.
9. Fictional Relationships: What makes them tick for you?

What makes any relationship tick? Chemicals and feelings and security, das wut. But man, any relationships in this reality or a book's are just MY JAM, ya dig? That said I am not a hoooooge fan of romances and I've never read a romance-as-the-main-actual-plot-stuff book. This is a shitty answer isn't it.
10. If there was one characteristic you could take from a certain fictional character, what would it be?

I'd want to be fearless. Which, for me, is different from not having any fear. That is plain impossible. To me, fearlessness would mean that you know damn well you could get third degree burns from the fuelline that busted right there, but you chug through it anyway because there are lives on the line and those are more important than your fear.

In that regard, a lot of characters are fearless.

TheTerrorOfTheDeep's queries
1. What's your favorite kind of juice? Juice is bomb.

Sparkling pomegranate that we get for holidays is nice. I am entering into one of my no-juice phases though. D: Tragic, I know. I did drink a lot of apple and white grape juice in the past.
2.  What's your favorite video game?

I hope you just made a typo and that is actually game(S). Assassin's Creed, Halo and Mass Effect. :3
3. Why are you on dA?

I am here because about five or six years ago I was on a forum for an MMORPG. We had started roleplaying and someone got the idea that we should have a chatroom to discuss plot things. She singlehandedly dragged us all on here just for the chat system, and I've been here since.
4. Do you miss them?

But who is "them"? My pet cats? Trees that are no longer in my yard? Childhood friends? Yes, I miss them all but I don't dwell on it.
5. If you were being held hostage, how much money do you think your captors would demand?

Me being held for MONEY just sounds kind of far outside the realm of plausibility but I'll bite, uh. 50k? Even though my family probably couldn't wrangle that together? :D Wow this is a fucked up question, bee.
6. When you cry at night, would you want someone to comfort you?

Depends on why I'm crying to begin with. Sometimes you want someone to fuck off or you want them to fucking hug you forever.
7. Who are you lusting after?

I don't know how to answer this :la: I don't think I'm really lusting after anyone currently.
8. What scares you? Not what you fear most. I mean what are your little fears that you face day after day?

Little fears, hm? I haven't really thought in terms of big and little fear before...everything seems to default to big for me. alwkdjekjsorrybeeimahack
9. If someone close to you was going to commit suicide, would you want them to tell you goodbye?

If this is a scenario where they were going through with it no matter what I said or did, then, yes, I would like to be able to have one last talk and goodbye with them.
10. What would you say to them?

I shall miss you, asshole. Be brave out there and drop me a haunt or something if you actually get some proof as to what's after meatspace.

Of course the above would probably depend on who I'm talking to.

And there you have it, more word vomit. Screw the rules, I have complete apathy. If someone wants me to cook up questions for them, sure, I can dig it, but otherwise I ain't doing that.
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